About Erieau, Ontario

In 2017, the village of Erieau will celebrate its 100th anniversary. Built on a sandbar between the shores of Lake Erie and Rondeau Bay, Erieau was home to the coal and fishing industries, and crisscrossed with train tracks down the main boulevard of the village. Now, it is known for its thriving beach community and charter fishing.

With two marinas, cottages and cabin rentals, marsh trails, biking and boating, it has become a destination for both Canadian and American tourists, daytrippers, boating and fishing enthusiasts.

Our Building

Bayside Brewing Company is housed in an historical building in Erieau. It originated as the Lakeview Hotel, then became the Tilton Hilton and the Anchor Inn before becoming the home of Bayside Brewing Company.

The Lakeview Hotel
Bayside Brewing Company today

Bayside Brewing Company is a four-minute walk from Erieau’s public beach and the marina. Whether driving or boating into Erieau, stop by to dine and pick up some of our premium craft beer. Here are some other local attractions and businesses available in Erieau!!

Local Businesses & Attractions


Arn’s B&B, 1430 Vidler Ave, 519.676.4870, arnottfriar@ymail.com

Bayview Bliss Cabins, 17655 Erieau Road, 519.676.2238

Bayside Camp, 820 Ross Lane, 519.676.5878

Erieau Motel and Marina, 840 Ross Lane, 519.676.2101

Graham’s Boat Launch & Trailer Park, 1270 Kerr Ave

Mariner’s Trailer Park & North Shore Cottage/Mariner’s Ice Cream Shop, 825 Mariners Road, 519-627-5872, 519-676-0023,

Molly & OJ’s Fine Dining, The Sandbar Pub & Lakeside Cabin Rentals, 875 Mariners Rd., 519.676.8812

South Side Landing Marina & RV Park, Robert Rd., 519.676.2136, joaniepic@ciaccess.com



Restaurants & Pubs

Molly & OJ’s Fine Dining, The Sandbar Pub & Lakeside Cabin Rentals, 875 Mariners Rd., 519.676.8812

The Galley Grill Pub, 1005 Vidler Ave., 519.676.4469


Erieau Antiques and Collectables, 889 Mariners Rd., 519.676.1669

The Gift Cabin, 830 Ross Lane

Eau Buoy Variety Store, 1005 Vidler Ave., 519.676.8266

Erieau Marina/Barney’s Boats/LCBO, 1515 Kerr Avenue, 519.676.4511