About Us

Bayside Brewing Co.

Since 2012, Bayside Brewing Co. has been brewing premium craft beer while reinvesting in our local village of Erieau, as well as the wider municipality of Chatham-Kent.

Our business has been completely driven by customer demand, and we aim to uphold that relationship by working to create outstanding beer and make it available as far and wide as possible.

What is “Craft Beer”?

There have not been any hard and fast rules about what makes beer craft, but the word “craft” itself implies creation – and that is what really makes it different.

Craft brewers use high-quality grain and hops as well as adjuncts to enhance flavour, aroma and body, such as pumpkin, cherry and honey. All of Bayside Brewing Co.’s adjuncts are locally-sourced and the finest on the market. Chatham-Kent is the farming center of Ontario, and we are lucky to have the best produce around.