Proudly Brewed in Erieau, Ontario

Meet Mike, our Brewmaster.

We’re no longer sure which came first – the brewing vats or Mike Dumouchelle. But one thing is certain; one wouldn’t work well without the other.

When we bought the brewing equipment from Charly’s World of Beer in Windsor, we asked the long-time brew master if he would like to come down to Erieau to help us get started. He hasn’t left.

“I love it here,” Mike admits. “Everyone around here is great. I’m staying for a while.”

That’s a good thing, too, since Mike knows the ins and outs of this equipment. He should – he’s been working with this system since 1989. He’s put in the legwork, forged relationships with a slew of other brewmasters, and figured out what works and what doesn’t. It’s that attention to detail that makes our Long Pond Lager such a stand-out beer.

“It’s a good beer,” Mike says. “People are excited about it, and we really appreciate the local support.” And now that Mike has the Long Pond Lager close to where he wants it, he has his sights on a future brew. “I’d love to make a red beer,” he says. “Something different, if we have the chance.”

Until that time comes, he’ll keep brewing his favourite recipe, always with an eye to bringing out the best in it.

Our Beers

_MG_1017 - BeerBayside Lager

On tap in our tasting room and brewpub is our classic Long Pond Lager. A Canadian original, Long Pond Lager is clear and crisp with a smooth finish. Coming in at 5% ABV, it makes a great sipping beer, but also pairs well with grilled meats and vegetables.

Bayside Light Lager

A great beer for those days on the patio relaxing in the sun. At 4% ABV, we have created a very drinkable beer with a well balanced finish. Garnish with a lime for that true summer feeling all year long.

Bayside Bronzeback

This is our version of a  full bodied brown ale. Going off the path from our lagers, we wanted to create something with a bit more character. Using roasted malts and an extra large amount of those faithful hops, this is a beer with a big taste. Rich and dark in colour, this ale is comes in at 6% ABV and leaves with a surprisingly smooth finish.

Bayside Honey Cream Ale

We’re confident it’s the locally-sourced honey that gives this beer it’s well- rounded flavour and fresh ‘hop forward’ aroma. One of our goals was to create a beer that is incredibly smooth with a slightly dry finish, the other was to bring it in at 5% ABV. Is it any surprise that our most popular beer was a Bronze medal winner at the 2014 Ontario Beer Awards?